Creation of the website



Climate Chance is the rendezvous of the World Summit committed to the fight against climate change, following the COP 21. Climate Chance agreements is intended as a regular appointment to raise awareness and act all stakeholders in the fight against global warming. Our mission was to make the entire site, from design to development.

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Speakers and participants

The event brought together a multitude of non-state actors from around the world, it was important to highlight each of these actors through a specific biography and programs in which they participate.

Artistic Axis

The printed graphic style guide of the summit used painted brushes with a lot of colors to communicate the wide range of subject themes.

The shape of the brushes was made only with circles, like on the logo. I enlarge this graphic style guide with specific brushes that are more dynamics and where you can write long headings.

I used Principle app to made the animation with auto-play controls and brushes displacement on X and Y axis.

Site map

I used a mix between 2 creative technics : a customized Brainwstorming and collaborative wireframes. The goal was to write down some features, ideas and athmosphere of the website to think about how the website could look like and what will be the key features. The participants should show what they write to other people by passing them their papers. We this technic we avoid double ideas and the particpants could be inspired by the ideas around them. At the end we draw some rectangles on a paper board and we stick around the features, the navigation and the content of the website.

The sitemap was used as a key document to prioritize the features.


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