Redesign of the corporate website



ifba brings together the leading non-alcoholic beverage and food product companies around a common goal of helping consumers around the world adopt balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. Their work is based on a series of actions recognized by the World Health Organization - product innovation, improved access to nutritional information, marketing practices and healthy lifestyle promotion.

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Creation of a new logo

We worked on redesigning the ifba logo to bring more seriousness to their image. The original logo was created about a decade ago on a word document and the deformation of the letters (horizontal stretching) don't bring a professional aspect to the organization.

The final logo makes an essential change; the use of an acronym to give a more common and simpler name to remember: ifba. The ligature between the f and the b represents the alliance of Food and Beverage companies.

Graphic style guide

The new website

For the creation of the website we decided to challenge the old sitemap to create less pages and more documents.

The Header have fewer links and the global communication is oriented around their commitments.


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