Creation of the SaaS service Planck



Planck is a project management platform for developers, designers and project managers, built for agile teams working on short or long term projects. The platform is only available for the clients of Troopers Agency for now, but will be available for other companies in the future.

Defining the Road Map

We started with just the idea to create a small private space on the agency website for our clients, but things get bigger so we decided to draw all the features on a large document to have a representation of the work to achieve for a first release.

With this in mind we can view the connections between all the different features, and developers can have a clear representation of the impact of one feature among the others.

This is a snap of the functional mapping, a larger document 10 times bigger with all the connections between the different features.

Creation of the identity

The final logo with the css animation

Reflecting notions of productivity and time. The tick inside the P letter symbolise the hands of a clock, it's also a check mark (coherent with the goal of the platform: make the job done and finish the tasks of a sprint).

See the Pen Planck - Logo animation by Clément Menant (@clekos) on CodePen.

Sprint preparation for the developers

To help the team for the preparation of a sprint; I start with a presentation of all the features. When everyone is ready, I use a bunch of tools to prepare all the assets (png, svg, jpg...) and if needed, I create a playlist of videos for the animations and transitions between UI components. The sprint as a dedicated page on my Sketch file so I can keep an history of all the features and screens that were implemented over the time.

Creating user flows with different states on mockups is a good way to explain a specific feature to the developers.

Prototyping interactions with Principle


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