Victoire is an open source CMS build on Symfony framework. You can create pages quickly, generate widgets with dynamic content and edit everything with a front-end interface. There is actually around 20 websites using this CMS, we still continue to improve and add new features over the time.

Github Project

Everything starts with a "Vic Slot"

You can create content on pages by adding widgets into columns (Vic Slots). The current way of using Vic Slots is evolutive enough to create complex widgets (modals) but not that intuitive and a bit time consumming.

The modals will be deprecated in favor of a more intuitive system with Tooltips for the creation and edition of the content.

You can preview down below some of the main interactions for different widgets :

User Flows

Creating User Flows was the first step to build an inventory of all the specific UI components we need to build the widgets forms.

The UI

The creation mode let you to add content such as images, text, buttons, links, a carousel ... to your website. The Preview mode will show you how visitors will see your website. Change quickly to the Edit Mode to tune your content by applying colors and spacing.

Creation of the identity

Logo animation

I create the animations with Photoshop to generate Gifs and Keyshape for the CSS animation.

See the Pen Victoire - Logo Animation by Clément Menant (@clekos) on CodePen.

Feel free to contact me!